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What's Included in Your club Fitting

  • 60 minutes one on one with a professional club fitter
  • You'll determine the clubs that fit your game best
  • Get fit for a set of clubs that deliver the best and most consistent results.
  • Once you've found the right clubs you can order them direct through us and get them shipped directly to your door
  • 60 Minute Gapping session after your clubs arrive to determine your new distances.

Steps you'll take to find the best clubs for your game.

  1. Interview- Your Coach will ask you questions while you warm-up to understand where your game is currently and your likes/dislikes of your current equipment
  2. You'll then hit your current clubs to establish the baseline
  3. Your fitter will then measure your wrist to floor and height to determine a starting point for the clubs lie angle.
  4. You'll hit 3 shots with our mizuno shaft optimizer to find top 3 shaft options for your swing
  5. Your fitter will determine 3 club models based on your skill level to try with the 3 shaft options
  6. You will compare the results and narrow to top 2 options
  7. Go back and forth until the best club is determined.
  8. You can order Mizuno, Ping, Taylormade, or cobra direct through us. delivery time is approximately 2-4 weeks

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