Golf guru students share Their Experience 

Hear from our 50+ 5 star reviews

"I would highly recommend Golf Guru if you’re serious about improving your game. My swing coach is Aaron and after just 1 session with him I unlocked at least 10-20 yards more with nearly every club. More importantly he has helped me understand why my misses were pulling left. After 3 sessions I have hit straighter shots more than ever and I’ve been playing this game for nearly 20 years. Can’t wait to work with Aaron at my next session. Again, highly recommend Golf Guru if you’re ready to take your game to the next level."

Mike Howard - 1/5/23

"I would consider myself a beginner in golf when I started to work with Golf Guru. Since I started to work with Austin and Keith my game has drastically changed. Over the past 8 months my consistency and distance have greatly improved. I struggle with different aspects in my swing and Austin and Keith always had the answer to help me improve. They would work together to tailor a swing that would fit my abilities. My worst club was definitely my driver and to be honest I had not been able to hit it well over a year. Austin and Keith would always let me know to trust the process that with an improved swing I will be able to hit my driver. Trusting the process that has been laid out by Golf Guru I am now able to hit my driver over 250 yards. I cant Thank Austin and Keith enough for helping me through the process. I highly recommend working with Golf Guru."

Jon Prine - 12/11/22

After 4 lessons with Austin i have shaved 20 strokes off my game going from the mid 110s to the mid 90s. Only having been golfing for 5 months; seeing this kind of improvement has been insane. Would recommend Golf Guru to anyone looking to improve their golf game in a fun environment."

Nick Kilpatrick - 10/26/22

"I have had a great experience training with the coaches at golf guru! I have only been here for about a month and a half and my score has dropped from about an average of 90 to 78, I also got rid of my nasty slice and started to hit a little draw adding some distance to my game. Overall a great place with great coaches totally recommend them to anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level"

Jacob Crawford - 10/17/22

"Couldn’t recommend Golf Guru enough! Austin is an incredible instructor and has improved my game tremendously over the past month. Prices are reasonable for the value you get and the studio is personal and well-equipped. Again, couldn’t recommend enough!!"

Zach Taylor - 10/15/22

"Keith is awesome, super helpful and makes things easy to understand. Golf Guru has all the tools to breakdown every piece of your golf game and find the solutions you need. Great staff, fun atmosphere, highly recommend it!"

Brian Buck

"Been golf almost all my life. Never took a lesson. Then I Found Golf Guru and Decided to take a lesson. So glad I found these guys. Was always coming over the top. They fixed that right away. I would recommend Golf Guru to anyone."

Keith Schepp

"Golf Guru has been an amazing experience! I have worked with Keith for a few months and my game has already improved. The whole team is really accommodating and knows what they are doing. From the first analysis to the drills and the weekly practice, it was a fantastic experience. I have already recommended it to a few friends! Whether you're a beginner or a "pro", they can help you out."

Katie Oakes

"Keith has really helped me understand the next phase of my golf swing that I wouldn’t have been able to get on my own. The K Vest tech really shows what the eye and even video can’t and this is invaluable! Highly recommend!"

Brian Buck

"During my last lesson, Keith addressed 3 things in my swing. How wide my feet were apart, the ball placement in my stance, and the forward lean of my hands. 4 days later I played Toka Sticks and I've never hit my clubs straighter or as long. Thank you."

Wiliam Porter

"My husband signed me up for golf lessons with Austin and I have learned so much after 5 lessons with him. I had only ever played golf for fun and after taking a couple of lessons, I feel so much more confident and can identify any issues during my game. Austin is super patient with beginners and I would recommend him to any women looking into getting started with golf."

Makenna Allen

"Austin and Keith are great instructors, they are very patient and work with your ability. They build a golf swing that works for you. Great people with great customer service and positive attitudes."

George Hetzner

"Really helped to go to golf guru. Helped me after my knee replacements to get back to good golf! Very positive experience"

Scott Rowe

"Would highly recommend Golf Guru. Have been taking lessons from Keith and it has really helped my game. When I explain things I'm having trouble with, he will work on that to help me improve. I've been able to bring my score down since starting lessons. My husband wants me to continue because he can see how much better I'm connecting with the ball."

Nanci Fornwalt

"Austin & Keith are great golf instructors. I’ve played for years and they are noticeably improving my game in a patient, calm, and professional atmosphere. They tweak my lessons to match my current difficulties and are teaching me to identify what I’m doing wrong. They are the best golf instructors I’ve had."

Andrea Flores

"Really helped to go to golf guru. Helped me after my knee replacements to get back to good golf! Very positive experience"

Scott Rowe

"I just started taking lessons with Keith and Austin a few months ago. Trying to get to low single digits. Both are very helpful and know different strategies to get the most benefit for the student. They use Trackman and motion tracking to get great feedback on your swing. Highly recommend to improve."

anthony Uribe

"Excellent experience. Individual attention. Computer analysis very very helpful. Golf is fun again!"

Mason Goodenow

"Taking lessons with Austin has really helped my game. I am much more consistent and have increased the distance on my shots. The indoor facility is a great environment for learning allows me to work on all aspects of my game."

Jeff Meyer

"I've had several lessons from Austin over the past 1-2 years. He's helped me improve both my swing and score. Austin is very personable and knowledgeable. What I like most about Austin's approach is he didn't try to change my swing into something that wouldn't be right for me. Rather, he worked on making my current swing better, which was important, as I don't have enough time to spend on the range to get comfortable with a completely different swing. One final note, make sure you inquire about a putting lesson or two from Austin. He's one of the best putters I've seen and has a keen eye to help you tweak your putting stroke to make more putts. It's fun to hit the ball farther and straighter, which Austin has helped me do, but I think I gained the most strokes from Austin's putting lessons."

Scott Pulczinski

"Great place to get lessons or even go just to practice since it’s indoors. It being indoors during the summer is a life saver! They also have a league that you can play in and a physical therapy type area to help with your mobility. Austin is amazing and I highly suggest anyone go here to help reduce some strokes on your score card."

Alexander Colahan

"Thanks to Austin helping me, my golf game has made tremendous improvements. Prior to seeing Austin I was barely getting the ball off the tee box and now I am able to consistently hit irons. Additionally, Austin does a great job of making sure your swing is unique to your body. They don’t try and make you switch it entirely but rather work with what you are physically able to do when swinging. Definitely 5 stars for me as I have been getting tips from buddies for years and never seen an improvement like this."

Matthew Moree

"Austin is a great golf instructor and very honest. I've played golf for over 30 years and haven't been to anyone as good as him. Been getting lessons for a few months now and enjoy the process of his teaching. My wife recently decided to pick up the game and we just got her started with lessons too. The facilities at Golf Guru is a great setup consisting of multiple bays with Trackman golf simulators to get precise accuracy on every shot. If your looking to get lessons this is the only place to go!."

James Foster

"Austin has been really helpful to my golf game with the regular lessons and feedback. My golf game is typically a process of 2 steps forward and one step back; the lesson subscription has given me more chances of improving and maintaining those improvements. The indoor facility is beautiful and well equipped; the a/c was great for summer lessons!"

Monte Berget

"Great team of golf and mobility coaches. All have helped me learn and understand the game of golf. I really like how I’m every lesson, they observe your swing, evaluate it (base on professional experience and technology) and instruct you on how to improve. All I need to do is listen and practice."

Emma Garza

"I’ve had a few lessons with Keith and he’s changing my game. I’ve gone from the high 90’s to mid-80's. Still have a lot to work on but I highly recommend Golf Guru."

Dominic Denton

"Austin is great. I’ve been going to him for three months now. My score has drastically improved since taking lessons from him. Before I had no idea where my ball was going to go after I hit it. Now I’m much more consistent and can hit the green in regulation quite often. Every week I learn something new to improve my game!"

Travis Moore