Everyone wants to gain distance. But it's not easy.

Everyone wants to gain distance. It is the easiest way to lower your scores. But unfortunately, knowing how to gain distance is not common knowledge. You hear these so-called experts say things like add torque and rotate faster. Sure both of those things could add speed, but how do you accomplish these things and gain distance? In this e-book, I will go into detail about how you can really gain at least 10 yards. However, this isn't a quick fix, and it does take some work. Keep reading if you're willing to put in the work to reap the rewards of gaining at least 10 yards with every club in your bag.

Get Your Sequencing right using the Step Change of Direction Drill: Start with a few practice swings and then hit balls with this trying to continue swinging as fast as you can. This practice encourages efficiency!
Start with your feet together and the club hovering off the ground 2 feet ahead of where your feet are.
As your hands pass your right pocket, you step towards the target and swing.
Take three practice swings using this step drill, then hit one ball. Repeat this sequence five times
The next step in this progression is to make one practice swing with the drill, then one regular practice swing attempting to feel the same thing. Then you will step into the ball, trying to replicate the same feeling as in the practice swing. Don't focus on whether or not you instantly make better contact or see the ball go farther. It's not essential yet. This is just step #1 to gaining speed.

Create better stability through impact. This can be done using the Lead foot only drill: Use for practice swings and striking the ball.
Start with all of your weight on your lead foot (left for RH players)
Pull your trail foot (right) back and then heel up, so you're on your toes.
Now make three practice swings staying in balance, then try one shot in the same stance
You may see the ball go farther now. This drill encourages you to stay stable and in balance through your swing so you can deliver more speed to the golf ball.
Then in a similar pattern to the first drill. Make one practice swing in the drill stance. Then one with a normal stance. Then hit the ball, trying to replicate what you felt with the drill. Repeat as necessary.
This drill always frustrates me because I hit the ball 10 yards farther on one foot vs two.

You now should be seeing a more consistent strike and more distance but there is one more step you can take to gain additional speed and distance.

Improve your contact and consistency with golf lessons with a professional coach. Things to look for in a coach:
First and foremost, you want a coach who has your best interest in mind. Sometimes this isn't the case and it doesn't lead to results
Ideally, they will use technology to break down your swing and get to the bottom of what you need.
A launch monitor is a huge bonus because it gives factual data about what the golf ball is doing, which is extremely valuable.
Any motion measurement technology that shows what your body is doing during the swing leads to actual changes and understanding the complete picture of your swing and game.
Work with a coach who assesses your movements and helps you to move better, leading to a better quality of lessons and a reduced injury risk.
A golfer who takes six or more Lessons is better than the average by 12 shots! You can gain as much as 4 shots by just taking 1-5 lessons, so it's essential if you're serious about making real progress that you take some lessons!

The last tip is the second most powerful thing you can do on this list behind lessons.

Use Overspeed training to step up your clubhead speed and distance with each club.
This can be done by purchasing a speed trainer such as Superspeed sticks or my personal favorite due to the customizability and lower price of the Launch Code speed trainer.


The goal of speed training is to train your body to be more comfortable swinging as fast as it can. Top teachers have used this for years but more recently has been promoted to the general public by professional players and coaches alike.

Try these 4 Tips on gaining speed, and please reach out to one of our coaches at Golf Guru if you have any questions. Thank you for reading. We hope you learned something that will help your game!

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